Turkey, EU open talks on taxation chapter


Turkey and the EU opened negotiations in Brussels on Tuesday (June 30th) on a new chapter — the one on taxation — as part of Ankara’s EU accession process. The taxation chapter is the eleventh opened so far. Turkey’s chief negotiator, Egemen Bagis, told a news conference that the EU should respect its obligations.

“Turkey is prepared to play the game by its rules, but when new rules are introduced while the game is going on, this naturally prompts reactions,” he stressed, reiterating that Turkey will accept nothing less than full membership.

In other news Tuesday, EU Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot vowed that the European Commission will provide financial aid to Turkey to help it staunch the flow of illegal immigrants. “We will do everything possible to convince Turkey to combat illegal immigration networks, and this includes financial assistance,” Barrot told reporters during a visit to Athens. “We cannot accept Turkey turning a blind eye to human traffickers who exploit would-be migrants,” he added.

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