Study finds goods, services cheaper in Balkans


Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia are the cheapest countries in Europe, according to statistics compiled by the EU’s Statistical Office Eurostat, published on Thursday (July 16th).

Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and Iceland were identified as the most expensive states. The study included all 27 EU member-states, candidate-countries, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

It found, for example, that in Turkey, people pay an average of 73 euros for goods and services that cost 100 euros in EU members. For Bulgaria, the average indicator is 51 euros; Macedonia – 47 euros; Albania – 53 euros; Serbia – 58 euros; BiH — 56 euros; Montenegro – 62 euros; Romania – 62 euros; Croatia – 75 euros; Slovenia – 83 euros; Cyprus – 90 euros; and Greece – 94 euros.

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