Lavrov reiterates Russia’s negative stance on arms supplies to Georgia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday reiterated Moscow’s negative stance on the possibility of weapons supplies to Georgia from abroad.

“I have repeatedly commented on the issue of Georgia’s rearmament,” the foreign minister said. “I proceed from the fact that those who supplied Saakashvili’s regime with arms that were used then to unleash a war in the August of 2008, have drawn necessary conclusions,” Lavrov added. “But those who keep speaking about a need to sell weapons to that regime once again are making a mistake,” the top Russian diplomat stressed. 

As for the role of NATO in those events, according to Lavrov “a promise to admit Georgia to the Alliance, made at the NATO summit in April 2008, became a impetus that incited Saakashvili to that hell bent adventure”.

“I hope that necessary conclusions will be drawn in that respect. As far as I can judge, many NATO countries as well as the current secretary of the Alliance have drawn such conclusions,” he added.

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