Marian Lupu is ruling out any possibility of forming a bilateral coalition with the Communists


The recently elected new Chairman of the Democratic Party and Communist ex-speaker of the previous Parliament of Moldova, Marian Lupu, says he is ruling out any possibility of forming a bilateral coalition with the Communists in the next legislative forum.

He stated to journalists at his community polling station today, “Our bilateral coalition with the Communist Party is impossible because I know this party’s mentality so well. The Communists can’t act for the good of Moldova and its national interests. There were parties that had entered into a coalition with the MCP, and they have paid a high price for that. Now they have no chance of winning seats in parliament”.

In his belief, “Many things will change drastically in Moldova after the elections. I have voted for the changes, and for a de-monopolization of the national economy. I have voted for European reforms and for Moldova’s development. The Democratic Party shall be in the new Parliament, and will enhance stabilization of situation, and will work to put an end to the current confrontation on the political arena”.

Marian Lupu stated, “I stand for well-weighted relations and a dialog between Chisinau and Bucharest. Situation in this sphere must change, for I guess there must be a civilized partnership between a European Union member country and a neighbor country. Entry visas for Romanians ought to be cancelled”.

Marian Lupu, who quitted the Communist Party last June 10 and was elected DP Chairman in mid-July, stated to the press he is now feeling “a much more free and a happier man because I am now in harmony with my principles and internal values”.

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