Georgia disproves reports on shelling South Ossetia village


The Georgian Interior Ministry on Tuesday denied reports saying that “three mortar shots were made towards the South Ossetian village of Otrevi from the territory of the Georgian village of Plavismani on Monday evening.” An official of the country’s ministry called such reports “disinformation.” 

The Georgian Interior Ministry’s statement notes, in particular, that “on August 3 at 21:35, Tbilisi time (coincides with Moscow time) fire was opened from grenade launchers from the Tskhinval region towards the Georgian police post located in the Plavismani village.”

According to the ministry, “One shell exploded in the immediate proximity from the Georgian police post and another two shells – at a distance from the post.” It said that “nobody was hurt in the shelling.”

South Ossetian Defence Minister Yuri Tanayev for his part said that three mortar shots were made from the area of the Georgian village of Plavi at 22:05, Moscow time, Monday on the Ossetian village of Otrevi. According to Tanayev, one of the shells exploded on the outskirts of the village, there were no casualties of destruction.

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