Diplomatic pressure on Macedonian authorities over Spaska Mirtova’s case must continue: Bozhidar Dimitrov

Sofia. The Bulgarian government must continue diplomatic pressure on Macedonian authorities over Spaska Mirtova’s case so to stop chasing people with Bulgarian consciousness and Macedonian citizens with Bulgarian citizenship. This is what minister without portfolio responsible for Bulgarians abroad Bozhidar Dimitov said for FOCUS News Agency. This case is just one unit of the long series of such actions of Macedonian authorities.

“It was said in a verbal note Bulgaria could stop supporting Macedonia’s accession to the EU. It was prompted Bulgarian position could be reconsidered. Bulgarians have been announced Tatar-Mongolians. I would also remind you of the attitude towards Bulgarian military monuments, which is not in contrast to European or world but in contrast to the laws of Macedonia,” Dimitorov said.

Bozhidar Dimitrov said the case is about personal drama with court’s drama.

“When trials are held they are always to Bulgarians prejudice. The matter in point is about a mother who is still suckling her child. In all case in a civilized world the mother is given priority to raise her child. However, what we have here are effective sentences, because she has been released on prohibition once. The sentence has been about not providing bed for her husband where he should rest while taking care of the child. This is funny,” minister Dimitrov said.

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