“Serbia has slowest govt. in Europe”


Opposition Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) President Čedomir Jovanović believes that Serbia has “the slowest and least organized government in Europe”. According to him, it’s a government with too many members who are afraid of taking risks and too few of those who have any ambitions.

“This is the slowest and the most disorganized government in Europe. Serbia has outgrown the tales about experts who are not interested in politics. We have a government of lifeless civil servants and politicians without actual ambitions who do not understand their positions,” Jovanović said told Novi Sad daily Dnevnik.

The country needs leaders who see a crisis as a challenge, and not as an alibi, he said.

“Since there are few such persons in the government, and many more of those who only wish to play it safe, our public life is consequently this sterile,” the LDP president said.

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