“RS not impeding on development in Bosnia”


Chief of the EP’s Southeast Europe delegation, Doris Pack, said that the existence of the Republic of Srpska (RS) is not slowing down Bosnia’s progress.

“The existence of RS is not an obstacle, political verbal attacks are, and that is present in both entities. RS is not a state, nor will be become one,” Pack said in an interview with Banja Luka daily Glas Srpske.

She said that she completely supports the process of closing the Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, because it is “high time that the country takes over its responsibilities”, but warned that Bosnia has not achieve the expected progress on its European path.

“Taking into consideration the international presence and the financial and technical help, people ask – what is so different in Bosnia-Herzegovina in comparison to neighboring countries so that there is no progress being made,” Pack said.

She said that instead of things getting better, “hatred and distrust have increased since the war because of the behavior of some politicians”.

Pack said that she believes that the government and parliament should act more responsibly on all levels and work in accordance with the needs of the citizens more.

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