Parliament elected members of “Stanishev” Committee


The Bulgarian MPs elected members of “Stanishev” Committee, which would check up on former government’s deals and appointments, made over the last year of its term of office. The commission would be composed of 11 MPs from all parliamentary groups and would work for two months.

Stoyan Mavrodiev woild chair the Committee. His deputies would be Plamen Nunev (the party of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) and Nikolay Pehlivanov (Ataka). The other member s are as follows:

Blue Coaltion-Ivan Ivanov, Dimo Gyaurov; Order, Law and Justice-Todor Velikov and Velin Matev; Movement for Rights and Freedoms-Yordan Tsonev and Aliosman Imamov and Coalition for Bulgaria-Rumen Ovcharov and Plamen Orasharski.

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