Democratic initiative, protocols with Armenia likely to be praised in EU progress report on Turkey


The European Commission’s progress report on Turkey, which is expected to be released on Oct. 14, is likely to include praise for the government’s democratic initiative involving the country’s Kurds and the recent protocols announced between Turkey and Armenia.

Based on information leaked to the Turkish media, the draft report focuses much of its attention on the Kurdish issue and the government’s handling of it. It states that Turkey should implement the project as soon as possible in order to address the issue. The draft report also stresses that efforts must be made to achieve the broadest consensus possible throughout the society.

Turkey should prepare a project as soon as possible to address the issue and find the most possible consensus in the society regarding how to address the problem.

Among the other positive steps taken by Turkey, the draft report discusses the Kurdish language broadcasts on TRT Şeş, the restructuring of the military courts and the appointment of a chief European Union negotiator on behalf of Turkey.

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