Sweden “criticizes Kosovo government”


Sweden has criticized the Kosovo government because of the ethnic Albanian leaders’ opposition to a planned protocol between EULEX and Belgrade.

Such behavior, a spokeswoman for the Swedish foreign ministry was quoted as saying, “is not in the spirit of Kosovo’s European aspirations”.

Cecilia Julin also said that EU countries expect Kosovo to “fully cooperate” with the EU.

“It is hard to imagine that the latest behavior of the Kosovo government is in the service of its European aspirations,” she was quoted.

The spokeswoman added that “cooperation with EULEX is a condition for good relations between Kosovo and the EU”, and said that Kosovo’s “European perspective cannot deepen” until Priština “fully cooperates with the EU”.

Sweden, the country currently holding the six-month rotating EU presidency, said it “fully supported” the announced protocol on police cooperation between EULEX and Belgrade.

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