CC rejects request of Parliament’s representative to stop examination of Communists’ contestation


The Constitutional Court (CC) did not agree to stop considering the application filed by the PCRM, as requested by the Parliament’s representative.

The party disputes the legality of the decisions made by the Alliance for European Integration on August 28, in the absence of the Communist MPs, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The CC president Dumitru Pulbere said that the Court accepted the PCRM’s application on September 2 and listened then to the parties’ positions.

At the start of the CC’s meeting on Tuesday, the representative of the Parliament, law expert Alexandru Arseni asked the Court to halt examining the PCRM’s application as it has a private character and is not within the Court’s competence.

The PCRM’s representative Sergiu Sarbu, one of the authors of the application, said that the request of the Parliament’s representative is groundless.

The CC continued the meeting . The leaders of the Alliance for European Integration said that they expect the Court to pass a correct decision. When the news story was published (14.58), the meeting was going on.

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