Filat: New Government may be formed already next week


Liberal Democratic Party leader MP Vlad Filat, who has been authorized by the governing Alliance for European Integration to form a new Government as its would-be Premier, stated to Infotag this noon before going to parliament’s plenary sitting that the new Cabinet of Ministers may well be in place already by next weekend.

“President Voronin has tendered resignation. On Friday afternoon, the Parliament will declare the presidential post vacant, and presidential duties will go to Parliament Chairman Mihai Ghimpu. Next week, Ghimpu will nominate a candidacy for premiership, after which we will form a new government. The procedure does not need much time. It needs a team-like work”, Filat said.

In his words, the majority Alliance is already working to shape the government’s structure, and is considering candidacies for ministerial posts, “for we are pressed for time”.

He said, “By law, an outgoing government must continue working until the official formation of a new government. However, the Communists have decided differently. The Communist prime minister [Zinaida Grechanaya], all deputy premiers and many ministers – a half of the old Cabinet, have already tendered resignations to remain parliamentarians. They have ascended to power orderly and democratically, but when time came for them to resign, they want to throw the nation into an abyss of chaos. We shall not let this happen!”

Filat remarked the Parliament has the right to demand report from the Cabinet, even though they have already applied for resignation.

He underlined that a critical situation has developed in the national economy, with a budget deficit “exceeding all thinkable scales. Nevertheless we have been already on a way to overcoming the political crisis, and will subsequently resolve economic problems, too”.

In his words, “After the last Tuesday’s decision of the Constitutional Court [which ruled that Ghimpu had been elected Speaker lawfully], situation started to change. The Communists have come back to parliament and began cooperating. I am sure they will soon nominate their representative for Deputy Speaker’s post, and will assume presidency of 4 of the Parliament’s 9 standing committees. They cannot help ignoring the universal rules of cooperation between the power and the opposition, can they?”

Filat admitted that the probability of having a new early parliamentary election, if the Communists really refuse to elect president, is substantially high.

“Nonetheless I have a feeling of internal calmness and confidence that a new president shall be elected all right. Nobody needs an early parliamentary election – neither the republic as a whole, nor the people, nor political parties. But the Communist Party is the one who hates the election perspective the most. As you could notice, lately every election used to tear a fat peace off the MCP’s body [in 2001, the MCP received 71 mandates in the 101-seat Parliament, in 2005 – 56, on April 5, 2009 – 60, and on July 29 – only 48]. One more election means an extra risk of losing more. So, the Communists must realize it is better to sit in opposition as a large faction for 4 more years than to provoke an election and come back as a much smaller faction”, said Vlad Filat.

In his words, the Parliament will be consistent in its work, doing it calmly step by step. First, the forum will authorize the Speaker to be an acting president, then will form a Government and other state structure, and only after this it will proceed to electing president.

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