Voronin is on preparation for new elections


Ex-President of Moldova, Chairman of the Moldovan Communist Party (MCP) Vladimir Voronin has stated he will now concentrate all his efforts, attention and time to a further consolidation of his party and to preparing it for an early parliamentary election.

In an interview with Echo of Moscow radio last weekend, Voronin voiced regret that during last 8 years of his party chairmanship and of the party’s governance of Moldova, he had, regretfully, paid insufficiently much attention to the political and organizational work inside his party, so “now that I have become a rank and file parliamentarian, I shall be focusing much attention on the party work”.

In his words, the MCP parliamentary faction “shall never vote for anti-people laws. As for our participation in electing president, we have not yet received a final decision of the MCP Central Committee, but I shall be requesting the Central Committee to permit our faction to abstain from voting for whatever candidacy they [majority Alliance for European Integration] may nominate for presidency”.

Voronin admitted that, really, three parliamentary elections in less than one year is a trying ordeal, “but I don’t think Moldova deserves having such a government and such a parliament next 4 years and should be swallowing all such situation and suffering for another 4 years”.

Vladimir Voronin said he is not feeling apprehensions lest his party should win fewer voters that even last July 29: “No, the Communist Party shall be working for creation, and will be tuning people’s minds correctly – for continuing that course of reforms and changes which we had waged last 8 years in this republic”.

He also said he is not afraid of whatever prosecutions the new authorities may start.

“What should they prosecute us for? For our working like slaves round the clock 7 days a week for 8 years for the sake of raising the republic from a chaos and disorder? Firstly, one should prosecute a person not for his ideas or for his being a communist or for holding a post. One may only prosecute a person for violations, offenses or crimes. If these are really revealed, offenders shall stand responsibility. We are not going to flirt or bargain with the law here”, said the MCP leader.

Concerning the Transnistria problem, Voronin announced that his party is working out a program of measures, which “shall be implemented irrespective of what the new Moldovan authorities will choose to do”.

“Of course, we would like them to proceed with the course for a rapprochement of the Dniester banks. But such rapprochement is only possible on the basis of trust, not confrontation. But when one side is offering a unionist program [of Moldova’s unification with Romania], this is absolutely contrary to the task of reunification of the Republic of Moldova”, emphasized Vladimir Voronin.

In his words, he shuts out even from his thoughts that Transnistria may one day secede from Moldova, and “if a politician starts proposing this, he must be declared insane and isolated from the society”.

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