Azerbaijanis in Georgia worry about closure of Russia-Azerbaijan land border for them


Azerbaijanis living in Georgia are concerned about Russia’s decision to ban their entry to Russia through the Russia-Azerbaijan land border.

“The Azerbaijanis in Georgia have met this news with great concern, because they traveled to Russia through the land borders between Azerbaijan and Russia. The latest decision of the Russian Foreign Ministry further exacerbates the oppression of Azerbaijanis in Georgia,” the Chairman of the Geyrat (Honor) National Movement of Azerbaijanis in Georgia, Alibala Asgarov said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry informs that in connection with Georgia’s withdrawal from the CIS, citizens of this country can no longer enter Russia through the Russia-Azerbaijani land border.

“Georgia’s withdrawal from the CIS on Aug. 18, 2009 automatically excluded the citizens of this country from the foreigners who are allowed enter Russia and leave it through the checkpoints on the Russia-Azerbaijan land border,” the Foreign Ministry released on Sept. 17.

Asgarov believes that after the ban, the communication of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia with their relatives in Russia will be fully terminated. “Closing the Georgia-Russia border has accelerated the migration of Azerbaijanis living in Georgia, and the closure of the land border between Russia and Azerbaijan will further accelerate this process,” said the head of the movement.

He said the majority of Azerbaijanis in Georgia does not have the financial capacity to use the services of air transport to travel to Russia.

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