Montenegro improves its credit rating


According to second half of the year’s report of Institutional Investor magazine Montenegro has improved its rating with 1,3 points and now occupies the 85th place in the list of nearly 180 countries, Radio Television of Montenegro / RTCG / informed.

The report is based on a survey carried out among the major economic and analysts of the world’s leading banks and brokerage houses.

Montenegro has received 40.8 points, while countries in the region that got more points than it are Serbia and Croatia – 42.3 and 55.8 points, respectively. Macedonia’s rating fell by 0,6 points, a slight decline – from 0,1 point is observed with Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has 31.4 points takes the 108th place. Albania’s credit rating has increased by 4,7 points and it is now among the countries with the largest increase in credit rating over the last six months.

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