Vlad Filat presents his Government`s work program

On Friday, Vlad Filat presented in parliament the work program of his Government called “European Integration: Freedom, Democracy and Welfare”.

In his words, the document is based on 5 priorities: European integration; country reintegration; superiority of law; overcoming of financial and economic crisis and ensuring of economic growth; power decentralization and ensuring of the independence of local governance organs.

The Government undertakes to guarantee a real division of power branches, independence of the judiciary, human right observance, and mass media freedom. The Government engages itself to curb economic recession, resume economic growth, and raise citizens’ living standards.

The Government has set itself an objective to resume Transnistria negotiations in 5+2 format, accelerate efforts to withdraw the Russian troop from the Republic of Moldova territory, and to achieve replacement of the current peacekeeper forces with an international civilian peacekeeper mission.

In its struggle against the economic crisis, the Government shall work out – urgently and in concert with the representatives of business circles, civil society and other interested parties – a complex-like program of the economic revival of Moldova.

The Cabinet of Ministers has undertaken to restart negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and other international financial organizations and donor countries in order to obtain external financial assistance on advantageous terms to finance budget deficit and realize the country’s economic revival program.

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