Bozhidar Dimitrov: Laws in Macedonia are not democratic enough

Laws in Macedonia are not democratic enough, Bulgaria’s Minister of Bulgarian residents abroad, Bozhidar Dimitrov, said to journalists, commenting on the Spaska Mitrova case.

The minister added he had a phone conversation with Spaska’s mother and he has offered a job for her daughter. In his words, it is expected that Spaska Mitrova will be allowed to see her child on Friday and then she will come for a medical treatment in Bulgaria, at the Military Medical Academy.

According to Bozhidar Dimitrov, Spaska Mitrova’s child cannot come to Bulgaria unless the father gives his permission. Dimitrov added that it is still not know what actions the Foreign Ministry will take but it is very likely that it issues a protest note against the outrage against Spaska Mitrova in prison.

In Dimitrov’s words, Spaska Mitrova cannot come to Bulgaria until the lawsuit in Macedonia is over.

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