Thaci welcomes presence of EC observers

photo_verybig_1086295Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci has welcomed the decision to send European Commission observers to monitor the local elections in Kosovo.

“We are firmly focused on having free, fair and democratic elections, with turnout as high as possible and the acceptance of high democratic standards, the building of a new democracy, and new legitimate and functional municipal institutions,” Thaci said during a meeting with the head of the EC office in Priština.

Renzo Davidi said that the team of observers would be made up of professional analysts who will be in Kosovo during the election process and on the day of the elections—November 15—as well as during any second rounds votes in municipalities, according to Thaci’s cabinet.

“This is more a question of jobs of an analytical character. They will observe the way the Kosovo institutions are working and how the elections are held, as well as other questions related to the elections,” Davidi said.

He said that several envoys from the European Parliament were also expected to participate.

The coming elections are the first ones that will be organized independently by the Kosovo institutions. The last four elections were organized by the OSCE mission in Kosovo, while the results were confirmed by the UNMIK chief.

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