Bosnian leaders warned to make peace

Bosnia’s rival ethnic leaders have been warned to settle their differences or risk political isolation.

It follows a meeting between Western diplomats and heads of Bosnia’s main parties to discuss ways of ending a stalement that’s kept the nation behind others seeking to join NATO and the EU.

Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Foreign Minister: “We want Bosnia to go forward but it requires decisions by the Bosnian political leaders themselves. This is the time to do it. We are not going to hold the rest of the region hostage to Bosnia. The rest of the region will move ahead and we want Bosnia to be part of that process.”

The talks are just the start of a reform process that could take weeks to come to fruition.

Insiders say the gathering allowed all sides to understand each other’s positions – and they will return in ten days to see if they are any closer to making compromises.

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