Milososki: Nimetz initiative right on time

Macedonia is ready to continue name talks with Greece in the period November 16th, proposed by UN envoy Matthew Nimetz, Foreign Minister said.

“We believe Nimetz initiative to be right on time and appreciate the fact it can give a give additional impulse for strengthening the mutual dialogue. Macedonia and Greece should continue name talks and I would like to express our readiness to be part of this process, our good will and constructive approach, respecting the spirit and the norm of the Temporary agreement of 1995, which we use as a plot for this dialogue, and continue to find variations which will get us closer to making a certain progress in name talks”, Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki said.

He said, if Greece is in a good mood, that is a chance of exchanging arguments in order to get one step further, although December seems to be way optimistic time.

‘We wouldn’t expect too much. We believe we can give our best, be realistic, understand this as one serious dispute and I believe good will from both sides can take as one step further, “ Milososki said.

MIlososki expects Nimetz to give a reasonable dead line with constructive proposals, which would be reviewed by both sides.

Milososki hasn’t discussed Macedonia’s position, whether it will stick to the double formula, but said that Macedonia will be in line with the Constitution.

Milososki commented on Papolous statement, regarding Macedonian language and said that no one can negate a language recognized and accepted worldwide.

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