SDSM to make push if there is no date for EU entry talks

img36If Macedonia fails to secure a date of its EU accession talks in December, DUI and SDSM won’t call for snap polls because they don’t want to harm the positive momentum that will last in the coming months.

“Unless Prime Minister Gruevski comes up with a plan, SDSM is ready to make a push, even through early elections,” SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski said after the meeting with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in Mala Recica.

The purpose of Crvenkovski’s visit to DUI headquarters in Mala Recica and the talks with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti was to discuss the future of the Republic of Macedonia and the expectations as to what could happen in the EU Council on December 7, the two parties said.

Ahmeti welcomed Crvenkovski’s initiative to visit DUI headquarters, being the first Macedonian politician to make such a visit. Ahmeti sees the encounter as a good message to all citizens of Macedonia.

DUI leader reiterated that his party is fully committed to contribute to Macedonia’s integration into Euro-Atlantic structures.

“There is no hidden motive behind the meeting, and it poses no threat to Prime Minister Gruevski,” Ahmeti said, adding that in politics there have been examples of opposition parties providing positive contribution to important matters.

Ahmeti said he was confident that Macedonia would be given a date to start its EU accession talks.

Crvenkovski reiterated the SDSM’s position that Macedonia faces a historic chance to make its EU membership aspirations a reality, adding that SDSM would back Gruevski in whatever solution to the name issue as long as Macedonians’ identity remains intact.

SDSM leader said he was worried that one month after the European Commission’s report, no steps have been made towards settlement.

“The first step is the meeting with UN mediator Nimetz slated for November 16, and I expect concrete moves,” Crvenkovski said.

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