Moldovan Premier Filat to sign Minor-Traffic Convention with Romania

Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat has left for a two-day working visit to Bucharest on November 13 early morning. During the first half of Friday, he was scheduled to attend a Summit of the heads of government of Central European Initiative (CEI) member countries, during which he is to make a report on the current situation in the Republic of Moldova.

And in the afternoon, Filat will meet with Acting Prime Minister of Romania Emil Boc. The two will sign a Convention on Minor Traffic on the Moldo-Romanian border, an Agreement on border-crossing stations, and a Protocol to the Agreement on mutual protection of investment.

On Friday night, Vlad Filat is scheduled to hold a meeting with Romanian President Traian Basescu.

On Saturday, Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat will meet with Romanian Senate Chairman Mircea Geoana, with Chairman of the Chamber of the Deputies Roberta Anastase, with representatives of business circles, students, diplomatic corps.

The Convention stipulates that the residents of Moldovan populated areas situated within a 50-km-wide strip along the border with Romania shall be eligible to cross the border without the need to have entry visas – just with special passes on hands. The previous Communist Government of Moldova was categorically against signing the Convention prior to concluding a Basic Political Treaty and a Border Treaty because the notion of “the Moldo-Romanian border” has not been stipulated in whatever bilateral document, though the border as such certainly exists and works.

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