Greece to take actions on Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline by the end of the year

Greek government will table December in the Parliament the final draft bill on Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline. Despite the expressed reserves over the benefits of the agreement and the complicated problems on environment, which the passing of the pipeline through Greek territory could bring, it seems that at practice the last stage pipeline’s construction would be moved.

The draft bill would concern the agreement on the conditions for co-operation between the international project company and the countries-participants on tax payments, taxes and compensations, which would be paid to Bulgaria and Greece, as well as issues on the protection of the environment.

The next phase envisages making more researches for the issuing of necessary licenses, acquisition of the necessary areas, signing of contracts on the financing of the project and the signing of agreements for its construction. All this, under the form of a regulation document of the pipeline would be tabled in Greek Parliament by the end of the year as it is not secure whether it would be voted by the end of 2009.

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