Moldova Border treaty with Ukraine sparks ‘political speculation’

Moldovan foreign minister Iurie Leanca is denying the accusation by the opposition Communists Party that the ceding of a portion of the Odessa-Reni roadway near Palanca village to Ukraine would represent an attempt to surrender a piece of the national territory.

Iurie Leanca has told a press conference on Thursday the act means that Moldova is merely complieing with the additional protocol to the Border Treaty with Ukraine, which provides for the ceding.

The foreign minister recalled that the treaty with Ukraine and its protocols took effect after the then communist-controlled Parliament ratified them in July 2001, and after the then president, Communist leader Vladimir Voronin, promulgated the documents.

“The previous government repeatedly reconfirmed its commitment to cede that portion of road to Ukraine, including through the signing, on 29 May 2006, by the then deputy prime-minister Valerian Cristea, of Protocol no.12 of the Moldo-Russian Commission for economic and trade co-operation, which took place in Kiev”, recalled Leanca.

Leanca suggested that the Treaty with Ukraine has become a subject of political speculation, as part of an “injurious campaign, serving other purposes than Moldova’s national interests” against the current government.

Works on the demarcation of the Moldo-Ukrainian border will start in a few days with the visit of deputy foreign minister Andrei Popov to Kiev.

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