Ex Bosnian Presidency Member Dies

Former member of Bosnian Presidency Jozo Krizanovic died in Zagreb on Wednesday following surgery, his party said.

Krizanovic, who was member of the opposition Social Democratic Party, was 63.

He served as the Croatian chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency from June 2001 to February 2002 having replaced hardliner Ante Jelavic who was removed from office by a decision of the then international community’s High Representative in Bosnia Wolfgang Petritsch.

Krizanovic’s term ended with 2002 elections in Bosnia.

At the time of death, Krizanovic was a member of the SDP presidency and chairman of the party’s caucus in the Bosnian central parliament.

SDP said Krizanovic died from complications following surgery in Zagreb, but declined to provide information about the nature of his illness.

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