PCRM and PDM united when it is about Moldovans from Moldova

The Communist MPs demanded again that the dismissal of the Head of Parliament Mihai Ghimpu be discussed at the sitting after he declared that Romanians live in Moldova on December 1, on Romania’s National Day.

The Communists asked support from the Democratic Party (PDM). The Democratic MPs did not back them, but had their own replies to Mihai Ghimpu. The issue was not included in the agenda as there were not enough votes.

The proposal to discuss Ghimpu’s dismissal was submitted by Communist MP Grigore Petrenko, who reminded the Speaker that not only Romanians live in Moldova, but also other peoples including Moldovans.

Mihai Ghimpu recommended Petrenko to look in his CV, which says that he is Romanian and speaks Romanian. “I voted for the independence of this state that the Communists Party had destroyed during eight years,” the Speaker said.

Democratic MP Dumitru Diacov said Russians, Romanians, Moldovans and other peoples live in Moldova. “Shall I not forget about you, Mister Diacov?” Ghimpu asked.

Another Communist MP, Victor Stepaniuc said Moldova is the rightful successor of the Moldovan state created in 1359 and of that founded in 1917. “I think we must remember that on December 2, 1917 the people voted for a democratic, not Bessarabian republic,” he said.

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