Romania to elect president December 6

img17Romanian President Traian Basescu, running for re-election Sunday against social democrat Mircea Geoana, said Friday at a campaign rally the country needs a strong right-winged alliance of his democrats and liberals, who back Geoana in the race.

“Romania needs a right-wing government. The Social Democratic Party can’t run this country. We need a strong right-winged alliance between the Democratic Liberal Party and the Liberal Party to achieve reform,” Basescu told supporters in the Revolution square in central Bucharest.

Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu, whose party has joined leftist social democrats in the campaign backing Geoana for president, said in response his party will not team up with Basescu’s democrats even if he wins 100% of the vote Sunday. Antonescu added Basescu is a “dangerous” president and needs to be unseated.

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