Electoral uncertainty will not worsen Moldova’s relations with IMF or EU, Moldovan premier Filat says

The upset presidential election will not spoil Moldova’s relations with the European Union or the International Monetary Fund, Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat stated to the press on Monday night.

Filat explained he had reached an agreement with the EU, and election or non-election of president in Moldova would not be used as a pre-condition for the country’s relationship with these essential international structures.

“The Government shall be implementing agreed-on reforms, and we shall receive the funding promised to us. Moreover, all members of the [parliamentary majority] Alliance for European Integration realize that the country’s future depends directly on the AEI unity and on how successfully we will be proceeding with the democratic reforms launched after July 29”, said Vlad Filat.

In his words, the Government is resolutely going to enlist yet a more substantial backing from Western organizations.

“Upcoming Thursday and Friday, we will be guests of a European People’s Party congress to be held in Bonn, and will have meetings minimum with six prime ministers of European Union member states to discuss financial assistance to be provided to Moldova, as well as Moldova’s European integration efforts”, Filat said.

He assured the press his Government will be working hard and will fulfill the promises it has given to citizens, among which are the holding of negotiations on concluding an Agreement on Moldova’s accession to the European Union, on visa regime liberalization, and on a free trade zone.


…  and hints communists may be brought to stand criminal responsibility


The majority Alliance for European Integration undertook far from all possible measures for election of Marian Lupu president. And the Alliance was too credulous with respect to the Communist Party, Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat stated on the ProTV-Chisinau channel on Monday night.

Filat presumes the AEI demonstrated a regretful irresolution, for “we were afraid of offend the Communists by any chance. We appeared to have been too naГЇve and humane towards the people who actually did not deserve it. We were misled by rumors that the Communists were allegedly going to take part in the December 7 voting. But that appeared to be just a game. Now we have to behave more resolutely, and the law enforcement have to do their job”.

The rest AEI leaders who took part in the TV program – Parliament Speaker and Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu, First Deputy Speaker and Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean, and Democratic Party Honorable Chairman MP Dumitru Diacov – presume the AEI had done all it could in negotiations with the MCP, “but the Communists decided to demonstrate their unchangeable adamant unity and to upset the voting for our candidate”, Ghimpu stressed.

Urechean said, “I have spoken personally to [MCP Chairman] Vladimir Voronin and saw that his dream is to mark his 70th birthday anniversary [in May 2011] at the post of Moldovan Parliament Speaker”.

Dumitru Diacov is convinced the Communist Party’s decision was “a purely political one, namely they were ready to vote for Marian Lupu as president but only at a very high price: Mihai Ghimpu must be dismissed as Parliament Speaker and the Filat Government must be dissolved”.

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