RS officials reject high rep decisions

The Republic of Srpska (RS) leaders say High Representative Valentin Inzko’s decision to extend the mandate of foreign judges and prosecutors is unacceptable.

The president of the Bosnian Serb entity, Rajko Kuzmanović, on Monday described Inzko’s move as “unacceptable”, and as “a clear sign that Bosnia-Herzegovina continues to be under a protectorate and a country that is not free”.

“The latest decision of the high representative is violence against law, which is why we will soon consider all democratic and legal mechanisms and means to protect our interests,” said Kuzmanović.

RS Premier Milorad Dodik stated that his government rejected the decisions made by Inzko, adding that he would not implement them, because he believes that there is “no constitutional basis for the high representative to impose his decisions”.

Inzko imposed the decision on extension of the mandate of foreign judges and prosecutors in Bosnia working on cases of war crimes for another three years, and on extension of the mandate of foreign judges and prosecutors in the department for organized crime and corruption of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Court in the capacity of advisors.

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