Macedonian FM: “International right is Macedonia line in name issue”

“With the blockage imposed on Macedonia’s accession to the EU and NATO at the sitting of the Alliance in Bucharest Greece laughed in the face of the most serious military-political organization-NATO. However, this speaks more about Greece than about Macedonia,” said Macedonian foreign minister Antonio Miloshoski in an interview with Macedonian Vecer newspaper. In his words Macedonia’s accession to the Alliance continues to be strategic priority for the country. 

Asked which Macedonia’s red line in the name dispute is with Greece Milososki said:

“The red is not the color of compromise but of intransigence and demonstration of power. Through this symbolic of political terminology tendency of Greek government for one-side dictate in the talks on overcoming the differences, official Athens has with the constitutional name of Macedonia can be seen. In defense of our national name Macedonian lines have the color of the international right and are based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convection on Human Rights and the International Pact of Civil and Political Rights.

Inseparable part of those international freedoms is the right for free self-identification, freedom to express national belonging, the right to defend mother tongue, the right to choose own national name as well as the rest of the marks of the sovereign countries. The international rights are our line of defending Macedonian identity and national dignity.”

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