Georgia appeals to puppet ‘North Caucasian republics’ bypassing Russia

“Georgia, bypassing Russia, is ready to cooperate with North Caucasian republics”, the Pirweli agency reported with reference to the deputy of the Georgian parliament Nugzar Tsiklauri.

Tsiklauri said it is a political will of the Georgian side and added that “Georgia is aware that the proposals put forward to the countries of the North Caucasus will increase pressure against Georgia from Russia”.

He said: “The Georgian Parliament’s Group for Friendship with North Caucasian Parliaments will issue a special appeal and send it to the parliaments of these republics”.

“Good-neighborship relations between Georgia and the North Caucasus are rooted in history, so we have no right to abandon relations with Chechens, Ingushes, Kabardins and Dagestanis because of Russia’s aggression against Georgia.

I hope the people know that once there was a proto-language that served as a basis for formation of Georgian and other North Caucasian languages. Georgians and North Caucasians have common linguistic roots that strengthen a wish for mutual understanding and cooperation”, Tsiklauri said.

The document which is to be adopted by the parliamentary group, describes “a negative atmosphere that has been created between the peoples of Georgia and the Northern Caucasus as a result of the Russian intervention.”

The document proclaims a “need to restore cultural relations between Georgia and the countries of the Northern Caucasus, political meetings and formulating all-Caucasian interests”.

The Georgian Parliament’s Group for Friendship with North Caucasian Parliaments will be headed by the deputy Mikheil Tskitishvili. The Group will include Levan Vepkhvadze, Gia Tortladze, Rusudan Kervalishvili, Shota Malashkhia, Khatuna Ochiauri and Nugzar Tsiklauri.

It is reported that after the appeal to the peoples of Northern Caucasus is adopted by a group of deputies, the document is to be be accepted by the whole Georgian Parliament.

Meanwhile, an opposition party, Democratic Movement – United Georgia, led by former parliament’s speaker Nino Burjanadze, said that “Georgia is once again standing on the brink of wary thanks to President Mikhail Saakashvili and his team”.

“The Georgian parliament is preparing an appeal to the peoples and parliaments of the North Caucasian republics bypassing Russia’s leadership, and this is an obvious challenge to Russia”, the Burjanadze’s Party said in a statement distributed on Saturday.

Burjanadze warned that the appeal of Georgian deputies, taking into account a complex situation in the North Caucasus, “could cause destabilization in the region”.

“Saakashvili understands that his staying in power is endangered, so he is ready by means of new provocative steps to plunge the country into another war. He prefers to be better overthrown by Russia as the Georgian President as to be sent in exile by his own people”, the Democratic Movement – United Georgia said in a statement.

It’s worth to mention that the appeal of the Georgian parliament to puppet parliaments of Russian-occupied North Caucasian republics, to the “parliament” that exist only with the help of Russian bayonets and rule with Moscow’s permission, is absolutely senseless and absurd from the political point of view.

It is unlikely that the Georgian Parliament seems not to be aware of and not to understand the simple fact that so-called authorities of the North Caucasus are nothing but occupation authorities, Moscow puppets who remain alive and breathe only with the permission of the Kremlin. Therefore, the indication in the appeal that these parliaments were “chosen by people” looks mere nonsense.

There is a good example for Georgia in the parliaments of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. They were also “chosen by people”, the same way as “parliaments” of the puppet regimes in the North Caucasus.

Tbilisi could appeal with the same success to Russian puppet authorities in Sukhumi and Tskhinvali that Georgia has proclaimed to be occupied territories,

Therefore a reasonable question arises – What is the difference between the parliaments of the “occupied republics of Georgia” and the “republics of the Northern Caucasus”? And on what Tbilisi is counting on in its childish game!

If Tbilisi is still unwilling to accept the fact that there is only one real power in the North Caucasus, independent from the will and wishes of Moscow, and that is he Caucasus Emirate, it is only a pity for Georgia.

If Georgia really understands the importance of establishing good relations between Georgia and the North Caucasus, it is time for Tbilisi to stop a senseless game, to push aside timidity, to evaluate the real situation, to take into account the interests of the Caucasus Emirate, to show a real political will, and not not to be engaged in its imitation demonstrating Moscow its weakness, which only strengthens the Kremlin’s determination to continue its pressure against Georgia.

If the war in 2008 did not teach a lesson to Georgia and didn’t become an example for a fact that no support, even if it comes from the West, is of no use if the Georgian people and government lack a political hard core and have no own interests that take into account the interests of friendly neighbors of Georgia, so it’s worse for Georgia.

by Ruslan Sinbarigov,

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