Serbian Officials react to EP Kosovo resolution

Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Political Director Borko Stefanović says EU institutions have no joint position when it comes to Kosovo.

He made the comment for B92 TV late on Thursday, after it was reported that the European parliament had adopted a resolution calling on all EU members to recognize Kosovo.

Stefanović said that the fact 152 MEPs voted against the draft showed there was disunity on the issue, and added that the adopted document was declarative in nature, and had was not binding.

22 out of 27 EU member states have recognized the unilateral proclamation made by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians in February 2008. Serbia rejected it as an act of secession.

Stefanović also touched on reports in some European media that Brussels “on several occasions” sent messages to Belgrade stating that Serbia’s insistence on reopening the Kosovo status negotiations “could seriously complicate the EU integration process” for the country.

“There has been no official, or semi-official information or appeal directed at Serbia,” he said.

“Our European partners and our partners in Washington know this (Kosovo) is the key issue for Serbia’s national interests, and we have a clear policy adopted by this government, and implemented by the president,” said Stefanović, adding that “coordination of mutual steps should certainly exist”.

The MFA official noted that for this reason, Belgrade has permanent communication wit the EU in an effort for Kosovo, described as the extraordinarily difficult national issue, to have a minimal influence on the EU integration process.

Also on Thursday, Head of the Serbian parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Dragoljub Mićunović, of the ruling DS, also commented on the EP resolution and said its adoption constitutes for increased pressure by the advocates of independence.

“Serbia should now wait for the end of the month and the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the legality of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence and then come up with a realistic policy,” Mićunović said .

Tensions should not be raised at this time, in the expectation of the ICJ ruling, he said.

The resolution, which encourages all EU member states to recognize Kosovo, was supported by 455 MEPs, whereas 152 voted against.

Previously, the draft that was sent to MEPs for voting passed the EP’s foreign affairs committee with a narrow majority.

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