Bosniaks in Republika Srpska Veto New Cabinet for Lack of Proper Representation

The Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) parliamentary group in the Council of Peoples of the Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska has raised a question about the protection of their vital national interest in the formation of the entity’s new cabinet. The Bosniak parliamentary group has vetoed a decision to appoint the new RS government of Prime Minister Aleksandar Dzombic over lack of true Bosniak representation.

The Bosniak representatives claim that the decision not to appoint a Bosniak (of their approval) to any of six key positions in the RS is in violation of the right to representation of all constituent peoples.

There are eight Serbs, five Bosniaks and three Croats in Dzombic’s cabinet, but the Bosniak parliamentary group claims that those five Bosniaks cannot be considered legitimate representatives of the Bosniak people because of the way in which they were appointed.

In basic terms, it means that those Bosniaks elected are loyal to RS President Milorad Dodik and his ruling Alliance of Independent Social-democrats (SNSD). The Bosniak caucus previously insisted that one of their members be appointed to the post of Council of Peoples speaker, but their candidate was rejected by Serb deputies. To the post of parliamentary speaker, Igor Radojicic, who led the parliament for the past four years, was elected. Radojicic declares himself a Montenegrin and holds the post as a member of a minority group. Radojicic is the member of SNSD and Dodik’s close associate.

Until the new Republika Srpska government is formed, and with the vetoing mechanisms this could take some time, the outgoing government will perform all duties until the decision becomes effective.


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