EU Parliament President Jerzy Buzek calls on all political parties in Moldova to end political instability

President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek has called upon the governing Alliance for European Integration and the opposition Moldovan Communist Party to put an end to the continuing political instability in the Republic of Moldova.

On Tuesday, Jerzy Buzek received a Moldovan parliamentary delegation led by Moldova’s Acting President and Speaker of Parliament Marian Lupu, and called the governing coalition to a broad cooperation with the opposition for the sake of further reform conductance so necessary for the country’s integration into Europe.

Jerzy Buzek underscored the need for signing an Association Agreement with the European Union, for visa regime liberalization, and for carrying out a reform of the judiciary.

He stressed that the European Union is looking forward to Moldova’s becoming an exemplary participant in the Eastern Partnership Program, that EU stands for a soonest-possible resumption of the 5+2 format negotiations on Transnistria to find a solution to the conflict.

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