EP calls for immediate start of EU-Macedonia talks

The European Parliament (EP) requires immediate start of the pre-accession talks with Macedonia and expressed its pity that the Council of the EU has not observed the recommendations of the EP and of the European Commission (EC). This is the basic message in the EP resolution for Macedonia, passed in Strasbourg on Thursday.

The MEPs have rejected the amendment of British Charles Tannock, who required for country’s language to be referred to as ‘Macedonian’ instead of ‘official’. He made severe remarks towards Greece over the blockade it imposed on Macedonia.

“Greece benefited much from the EU membership. Then why it is rejecting the same advantages for Macedonia. I cannot understand the name issue and, it seems that many people in my country can hardly explain it to themselves. It is high time to adopt a sharper position towards Greece, which already get a big aid from the EU to rescue its economy. Greece is not in a position to stop the enlargement process,” Tannock said.

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