Belgrade will not sign agreements with Priština

Head of Belgrade’s negotiating team Borislav Stefanović has said that no agreement will be signed with representatives of Priština’s negotiating team.

He added that the agreements that the two parties could reach would be implemented by the governments and monitored by the European Union.

“No agreement will be signed since that is not envisaged by the form of the talks, and what is more all talks are being held in Brussels,” Stefanović said commenting on the announcement of Priština’s team that an agreement on freedom of movement would be signed before EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton’s visit to Belgrade on Thursday and Priština on Friday.

Head of Priština’s negotiating team Edita Tahiri stated Monday that it was likely that the first agreement with Belgrade would be signed during the ongoing week and that Belgrade and Priština saw eye to eye regarding freedom of movement, trade, energy and telecommunications.

When asked why it is impossible for agreements to be signed given that both Tahiri and him have announced that they were close to solution with regard to certain issues, the Belgrade team said that signing of agreements was not envisaged in the form of the talks and that this left no space for any document to be signed.

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