Russia urges reconciliation between Moldova and Transdnistria

Russia’s foreign minister has called upon Moldova and the breakaway republic of Transdnistria to retreat from fringe positions and start moving towards a political settlement.

Consultations over a potential settlement of the Transdnistria issue took place in Moscow on Tuesday, though later that evening the press service of the Moldovan embassy in Russia distributed a release reading that the two sides had thus far failed to start official negotiations. At the same time, the Moldovan side said that the consultations would recommence in Moscow in the nearest future.

According to Moldovan diplomats, their country proposed restarting official talks without any additional conditions, and that all mediators and observers would remain within the five plus two format (Moldova, Transdnistria, Russia, Ukraine, OSCE and the USA and EU as observers) with the exception of transdnistria, who demonstrated a lack of flexibility by stymieing efforts to reach final solution.

The Russian minister added that Transdnistria should seek a special status and Russia would do its best to judiciously aid the implementation of such a decision.

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