Pieter Feith complains of EU police investigation over bank appointment

The International Civilian Representative in Kosovo, ICR, has asked the head of EULEX, Xavier De Marnhac, to explain why police investigated him about the appointment of a new central bank boss.

Pieter Fieth, whose role is to supervise Kosovo’s independence, has issued a complaint about his investigation at the hands of a EULEX prosecutor concerning his alleged involvement in the appointment of the Kosovo bank governor.

Feith’s letter to EULEX head Xavier De Marnhac, dated June 12 and published on Tuesday by Pristina’s daily Express, said he had used the competencies to choose the bank head granted by Kosovo’s constitution, which say that the bank governor can only be elected by Kosovo’s Assembly following his consent.

Feith said he had advised the Central’s Bank board to review the short list of candidates before submitting it to the Kosovo Assembly.

He is said to have suggested to the board that one candidate was not a proper person for the governor’s position and should be excluded from the list.

The EU rule-of-law mission confirmed that Feith had since been investigated by an international prosecutor.

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