Serbia supports Bosnia’s integrity

Serbian President Boris Tadić stated in Sarajevo on Wednesday that Serbia wanted the closest possible relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He added that the country was ready to resolve all the remaining open issues between the two countries.

Tadić stressed that Serbia’s support to Bosnia-Herzegovina’s integrity was not just verbal, as it was manifested in Serbia’s political practices as well.

Reiterating that Bosnia-Herzegovia and Serbia have geographical, cultural, economic and infrastructural ties, he pointed out that the past several years represent perhaps the most difficult moments in the two countries’ history, adding that unresolved issues still existed.

“However, we wish to close these issues to the benefit of both countries,” the Serbian president told a joint press conference after the meeting with Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency members Bakir Izetbegović, Željko Komšić and Nebojša Radmanović.

He reiterated that Serbia respects territorial integrity and sovereignty of all UN member states, particularly the neighboring countries.

Tadić said that Serbia would accept all agreements between the three constitutive peoples and two entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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