Demonstrators storm Libyan embassy in Bosnia

A group of demonstrators broke into the Libyan embassy in Sarajevo on Monday, throwing out pictures of embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi, trampling the Libyan flag underfoot, hoisting the rebel one and demanding the ambassador leave. 

A group of at least ten Libyans entered the building, celebrating what they called the liberation of their country and the downfall of Gaddafi’s 42-year dictatorial regime.

After the rebellion that began in mid-February turned into a bloody civil war, rebels entered capital Tripoli on Sunday, spelling the end of Gaddafi’s rule.

The protesters in Sarajevo accused ambassador Salem Finir of being a hardline Gaddafi man and demanded his expulsion.

“He no longer represents our people,” they said.

A heavy police presence surrounded the embassy and police were inside negotiating with demonstrators to leave,” local media said.

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