Kosovo MP pleads not guilty to war crimes allegations

Kosovo MP Fatmir Limaj has pleaded not guilty to charges of war crimes committed during the 1999 Kosovo war.

Limaj and another nine others pleaded not guilty at the first day of the trial which started on Wednesday.

The three-day trial is related to the confirmation of an indictment prepared by Kosovo’s Special Prosecution Office, SPRK.

Former transport minister and vice-president of the ruling Democratic Party, PDK, Limaj is charged with committing war crimes against a civilian population and the ill-treatment of prisoners in Kleqka camp.

In his speech, Limaj said that he did not expect the confirmation of the indictment. “If it’s confirmed, we are ready to face it,” Limaj said in the court.

He said he could prove that he was in Albania at the time that the crimes had allegedly taken place at Kleqka camp.

“Everyone knows I am innocent and that I had been in Albania during the time that I am being accused. Kosovo Liberation Army general staff also know of this, so does Hashim Thaci, so let them all come as witnesses,” Limaj said.

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