UN Security Council urges better Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

UN Security Council members have called for restraint and urged the resumption of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon presented his regular quarterly report on the situation in Kosovo at the UN Security Council session on Tuesday urging Kosovo and Serbia to enhance dialogue.

The central theme of discussion however was the last crisis in northern Kosovo, which is not covered by the report.

Acting Head of UNMIK Farid Zarif, presented a detailed overview of the situation in the north of the country during the Security Council meeting, highlighting the role KFOR had played in calming tensions.

Zarif said that although the situation had remained confined to a small area, it represented a serious threat to security, and that it was a consequence of long-standing unresolved issues in northern Kosovo.

KFOR troops would continue to remain present at the border crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak, to give Belgrade and Pristina time to try to resolve contentious issues, he added.

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