Serbian PM says that all conditions for EU are fulfilled

Serbia’s Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković has said that Serbia has fulfilled all conditions necessary to get the EU candidate status.

He added, however, that Serbia would not give up on its state policy.

“Serbia has made a significant progress in fulfilling all conditions from the Euro-integration Action plan in the last few months and I don’t see a single reason why we would not get the EU candidate status,” he pointed out.

The prime minister added that Serbia could not have any influence on whether the EU member states would set additional conditions in order to accept Serbia’s candidacy bid, but that he hoped that it would not happen.

“I am a big optimist when it comes to the EU candidacy, but if there are new conditions we will not back down from our state policy and there are so-called ‘red lines’ that we will not cross,” Cvetković pointed out.

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