EULEX will investigate Jarinje incident

EULEX Spokesman Nicholas Hawton said on Wednesday that a EULEX prosecutor would investigate the Tuesday events at the Jarinje checkpoint.

“EULEX is assessing the circumstance of the violence with the view to launch an investigation into what happened,” Hawton said, adding that the EULEX prosecutor would investigate the circumstances involving the events at Jarinje.

“The scope of the entire investigation, in the sense who will be questioned, will depend on the prosecutor,” he explained.

Speaking about KFOR’s removal of barricades at the Jarinje crossing on Tuesday, Hawton said that it was a joint operation, carried out together with EULEX.

“Earlier in the day EULEX and KFOR carried out a joint operation aimed at establishing control over the illegal crossings above Jarinje. The goal of the operation was to establish the rule of law, and this is why it was carried out. The operation was followed by violence,” he said.

“Violence against KFOR or EULEX is not acceptable. Violence is condemned,” the EULEX spokesman underlined.

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