EULEX prosecutors to probe organ trafficking allegations in Albania

The head of the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, Xavier de Marnhac, announced on Wednesday that EULEX prosecutors will soon extend their probe on allegations of organ trafficking by the Kosovo Liberation Army in Albania.

“As you know we have formed a team which will probe Marty’s allegations and the case prosecutor will soon visit Tirana,” said De Marnhac in a press conference with Albania’s Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinstato.

“It in the interest of the whole region that this investigation produces [a] clear result,” he added.

US Prosecutor John Clint Williamson was appointed in August as the lead prosecutor for an investigation into allegations of organ trafficking by the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA.

Williamson will serve as the lead prosecutor in a seven-member task force headquartered in Brussels and operating under the jurisdiction of EULEX.

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