Croatia and Montenegro pledge to keep and improve the good relation

Croatian and Montenegrin presidents Ivo Josipovic and Filip Vujanovic have said that bilateral relations between the two countries are very good and could serve as a model to other countries in the region.

The pair were speaking after an hour-long meeting in Zagreb on Monday.

According to President Josipovic, “relations between Montenegro and Croatia are very good, I would say exemplary, considering what they were like in the 1990s.”

His Montenegrin counterpart concurred, saying that relations were “an example that should be followed by the region.

“We must continue to encourage mutual cooperation and stability,” Vujanovic added, before again congratulating Croatia on completing accession negotiations with the European Union and insisting that the country’s upcoming accession would also benefit Montenegro and the entire region.

“It’s a success not just for Croatia, but also for the region and for Montenegro, as its neighbour, because it is certain that Croatia will promote Montenegro’s strategic interests strongly,” Vujanovic said.

Josipovic confirmed that Zagreb would provide strong support to Montenegro’s EU and NATO integration processes, saying: “it is in our interests that Montenegro and all other countries in the region enter the EU.”

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