Third amended indictment submitted in Mladic case

The Hague Tribunal prosecution on Thursday submitted for the judges’ confirmation the third amended indictment against Ratko Mladić.

The former military leader of Serbs in Bosnia is facing the added count for the execution by a firing squad of around 30 Muslims in the Šekovici municipality in summer 1995.

All other counts of the indictment remained the same.

According to the draft of the third indictment, in the village of Bisina, near Šekovićci, on July 23, 1995, forces under Mladić’s control killed more than 30 Muslim men, some of whom were previously kept in the Sušica prison camp, in the Vlasenica municipality.

According to the announcement of judge Alphons Orie in his recent decision, at the next hearing on Nov. 10, Mladić will be called to enter his plea on the third amended indictment.

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