Macedonia to implement EC Recommendations

Macedonia’s Parliament has made public its conclusions on the proposals outlined in the latest European Commission progress report.

Late last night, the parliament acknowledged that the report reflected the real situation with regard to Macedonia’s achieved reforms, and obliged competent bodies to analyze recommendations made in the report to enable the government to build a plan for their implementation.

However, the parliament said it was “regrettable” that the adjective “Macedonian”, used previously to describe the language and the people of Macedonia, had been omitted in this year’s report published on October 12.

The report contains the provisional UN reference, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM. In the early 1990s Macedonia was accepted in the UN under this reference in order to avoid obstacle from Greece.

The Parliament urged the European Commission, “in line with the principle of respecting European diversities, to reassess without delay the lack of using adjective “Macedonian”, in accordance with official UN terminology where the term exists.

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