Belgrade to continue talks with Pristina on Monday

Borislav Stefanovic, head of Belgrade’s negotiating team with Pristina, has announced that Brussels-mediated talks will resume next week.

Brussels officials have persuaded Serbia to return to the negotiating table with the Kosovo government in Pristina.

But Serbia’s chief negotiator, Borislav Stefanovic, said late on Wednesday that talks with the EU mediator in the dialogue, Robert Cooper, did not result in any convergence between Belgrade and Pristina with regard to the dispute on the northern Kosovo border crossings.

“Pristina insists that the line should be proclaimed as state border, that a [Kosovo] flag should be placed there and that passage for Serbs in vehicles bearing license plates with the insignia of the Republic of Serbia should be banned, which Belgrade finds unacceptable,” Stefanovic said.

He said that he would have talks with Cooper on Thursday via a video link in which they would discuss the row over border crossings, Pristina’s representation at regional gatherings and mutual recognition of university degrees, all of which will feature in the forthcoming talks.

He underlined that Belgrade would continue to insist on the crossings being treated as “administrative lines” that should not bear elements of statehood.

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